August 4th 2018

Three years ago LFCNSW member Mickey Dean passed playing the game we all love. It set LFCNSW on our charity partnership with Heartbeat of Football.

Today, almost every football & sports ground in NSW now has an AED ( defib ) making the game safer for us all.

Importantly, HoF also provides free heart health checks & LFCNSW provided the Heart Health tent at Mickeys club Southern & Ettalong United Football Club on Sat August 4th. 74 people were able to have their heart health checked.

We thank every member & mate that has contributed to our fundraising to be able to provide this, you’re the best fans in the world.


Heartbeat of Football (HOF)

is a not-for-profit organisation established in early 2016 by Andy Paschalidis. It aims to promote healthy hearts in sport via player education, the minimisation of health risks and the installation of defibrillators on all sporting fields around the country.

Initially, the focus will be on football codes. In Australia, it is believed there have been 10 cases of heart-related deaths related to amateur football in the past two years.

There is a tendency to focus on health issues only after a tragedy. Heartbeat of Football would like to change this by proactively preparing as many people as possible for such an event as ever-increasing members of community see the benefits of, and enjoy taking part in, amateur sport.

What is the purpose of HOF?

Heartbeat of Football helps men/women play their chosen sport for as long as possible … safely.

The HOF team engages with governments, the health sector and wider community in order to provide sportspeople with the best in heart-health education and awareness, a consistent approach to sport-related health care, the necessary equipment to assist in preventing and minimising health risks (such as the installation of defibrillators at sporting venues), and the peace of mind so they may safely participate in, and enjoy, their sport.

Why is HOF necessary?

To educate the growing number of mature age people in sport. In order to maintain a moderate level of fitness, as well as a work/life balance, increasing numbers of mature age people are taking part in amateur sport, whether it be organised or social. Record numbers are involved in team sports, greater numbers are taking up cycling, and fun runs are becoming so popular that organisers are having to restrict entry numbers at certain events. Mature-age participants must be educated on the potential health risks of their activity.
To help reduce pressure on the Australian health system. Along with the health profession, HOF is very supportive of amateur sport, as there are many health benefits to participants. Fitter and healthier adults don’t need to lean on the health system as often as their counterparts and have fewer chronic illnesses.
To help prevent health incidences. Mature age sports participation brings an increased level of health-related risks from the usual aches and pains to the more critical, and now more regularly, incidents such as heart attacks. Aside from education, HOF is campaigning for defibrillators on all sporting fields in the hope that player lives may be saved.

How you can help…

To help us help players, we need your assistance. Here’s how.

Donate funds for defibrillators and HOF heart-awareness education
Donate products/services/prizes for HOF charity fundraising events
Donate a venue for a HOF charity fundraising event
Organise/run a HOF charity fundraising event
If you are able to do any of the above, then firstly, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Secondly, please get in touch with

Deborah at:

For general enquiries: please Contact Us.

 response for life logo

Heartbeat of Football & Response For Life spreading the word & helping our communities.

January 22nd 2017 – A fantastic day for Heartbeat of Football! We were asked to host our very first heart health awareness tent at a 5-aside Tournament to raise funds for the Balmain Women’s Team to go to the World Masters in 2018. Over 60 players came to see us in our tent for blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol testing and to give CPR a try on our training dummy.

Heartbeat of Football would like to thank Elaine Delaney for organising the day, asking us along and giving us this opportunity also the nurses from Victor Chang and the CPR trainers from Response for Life.

Finally a massive thank to The Menzies Foundation for awarding us the grant which allowed us to purchase our first Heart Health Awareness tent.

response for life and heartbeat of football with LFCNSW

For more information:  Response For Life Website

Our Cause

Response For Life was created in memory of loved ones lost to sudden, and often unexplained, cardiac death. It is our hope that no family suffer such an unbearable loss.

Response For Life is a registered Charity committed to saving lives by providing defibrillators and raising awareness of SCA.

Your response could save lives.


Response For Life aims to raise awareness of SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest), and in particular sudden cardiac death (SCD) in the young.

Seemingly healthy Australians are losing their lives, often with no explanation, leaving family, friends and entire communities devastated and questioning why.

Response For Life aims to raise awareness of prompt CPR and DEFIBRILLATION as the best treatment of SCA until emergency help arrives.

Response For Life is committed to providing defibrillators (AED’s) that are designed to be used by all.

With this life saving device readily available in all communities, the number of preventable deaths may be reduced.

Response For Life aims to promote the Australian Resuscitation Council’s basic life support.

The DRSABCD clearly supports the use of a defibrillator. Response For Life aims to create awareness of youth heart screening.

It should not be acceptable that people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly, early detection needs to be taken seriously.

Response For Life aims to generate support and sponsorship to create a greater sense of community and to successfully implement its core aim of saving lives.

Response For Life aims to hold fundraising activities to assist with achieving goals. Response For Life aims to launch its campaigns at a national level, as our cause is for the good of all Australians.

Our mission is to help prevent sudden cardiac death from taking the lives of our loved ones. Please consider how your response can make a difference for many lives.