Anfield EPL Tickets

LFC NSW Ticketing Policy

Every season, we receive a large volume of enquiries with regards to access to tickets to Liverpool FC fixtures. To answer most people’s questions in one place, we have drafted this policy so people are aware of how they are able to access tickets.

Official Liverpool FC Supporters Clubs (OLSC’s) do not have any ticketing access to European, Cup (FA & League) or EPL away fixtures. All ticketing enquiries regarding these fixtures can usually be answered by visiting Liverpool FC’s ticketing portal on their website

OLSC’s do have access to tickets for Anfield EPL fixtures as well as selected pre-season tour fixtures, preseason fixtures will be advertised via our social media channels and email list on a case-by-case basis. Access to tickets for preseason fixtures may not require an Official LFC Membership depending on where the game is to be played, but you will be required to hold a current LFC NSW Membership to access any ticketing pre-sales.

If you wish to apply for Anfield EPL tickets with LFC NSW, please take the time to read through the following guidelines as all the information is important and explains the process.

The Anfield EPL ticketing scheme is the OLSC Group Booking Facility and allows LFC NSW to apply for up to 14 tickets per fixture six times per season (3 fixtures Aug-Dec & 3 fixtures Jan-May) as well as the ability to apply for Anfield EPL tickets outside of those six fixtures via a reserve list on behalf of current LFC NSW Members. The Group Booking Facility is a great way to apply for Anfield EPL tickets before the Official LFC Members Sales begin as you don’t need buying history to apply via the OLSC’s. You will also find out if your ticket requests have been successful BEFORE the LFC Members Sale begins so essentially you double your chances to get tickets.

You will only be able to apply for Anfield EPL tickets via LFC NSW twice per season during the application windows as advised to us by LFC, we will not be able to assist with Anfield EPL tickets outside of these timeframes. The application windows for fixtures from Aug–Dec usually open near the end of June, and Jan–May fixtures usually open near the end of October.

If you are requesting for a group of people (including a family), please be aware that EVERYONE requiring a ticket needs both an Official LFC membership as well as an LFC NSW membership. It is now an LFC requirement that only Official LFC Supporters Club members are able to utilise the Group Ticket Booking Facility.

All persons wishing to apply for tickets must also be NSW residents. If you live outside of NSW, you will need to apply for tickets as a member via your local LFC Supporters Club.

Only Full, Light, Teen and Mighty Red LFC memberships are able to access tickets. International LFC memberships do not qualify for access to tickets.

If you wish your seats to be grouped together, please ensure you link your Official LFC Memberships via the Family & Friends link on the LFC ticketing portal.

Anyone who doesn’t hold an Official LFC membership and a LFC NSW membership by the time the ticket payment deadline is reached will forfeit their ticket. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that their membership statuses with both LFC and LFC NSW are correct and paid up. This also includes all contact information listed on each membership. If you havent updated your address details correctly, and they show you living at a different address to the area the supporters club services, your ticket will automatically be rejected when we go to make payment.

If you have already purchased/renewed an International membership but subsequently wish to apply for tickets, you will need to contact us with your details. We will request LFC process a partial refund of your International membership (minus the cost of the goody pack) so you can repurchase at the correct membership level.

Anfield tickets are electronic and will be loaded onto your Official LFC membership/fancard smartcard. This is why every person requesting a ticket must hold an individual Official LFC Membership – only one seat per game can be allocated per smartcard.

The fixtures with the most ticket requests will be the 3 fixtures each half of the season that LFC NSW will request on our members’ behalf. Where the number of requests exceeds the 14 ticket limit, it will be on a first in first served basis. No ticket application is guaranteed; all tickets are subject to availability. There is no guarantee that tickets will be made available for any/all games applied for. Fixture dates and kickoff times are subject to change.

LFC will inform us of our approved allocations prior to the twice yearly Official Members Sales, so if you miss out via LFC NSW you will still be able to apply for tickets during the Official Members Sales. Once the allocations have been confirmed to LFC NSW, we will notify you of which tickets you have been successful and/or unsuccessful for.

Each tickets will include a small surcharge to cover international transaction and payment gateway fees. As we don’t know where in the stadium LFC will allocate our tickets, we will charge Tier 6 prices for all tickets regardless of which tier pricing end up being allocated. As there are no supporters clubs seats in the family sections, unfortunately there are no junior prices. All tickets are charged at adult prices.

We will supply those successful applicants with an online store link to prepay for their tickets at their convenience. LFC will contact us 4-6 weeks prior to each fixture to finalise payment for allocated tickets for that game. We will then require your Official LFC Membership details for all requested tickets, your memberships linked to the Branch via your Family & Friends List and payment via our online store PRIOR TO the specified deadline. LFC NSW membership details will also be verified prior to the payment deadline.

Any tickets not paid for by the deadline will be released back into Late Availability Sale. If an LFC NSW Membership has not been purchased prior to the ticket payment deadline specified, your tickets will be released to the Late Availability Sale and your monies refunded. If you haven’t yet paid for your tickets but no longer require them, simply advise us when we request payment and LFC will release the tickets to the Late Availability Sale.

LFC NSW will pay for each fixture allocation when required to secure the seats for that fixture, and then allocate tickets to those Official LFC Memberships linked to the Branch via the Friends and Family List. LFC will then activate tickets for that fixture onto those Official LFC Membership cards. LFC will then email us within 7 days confirming the seating details for the fixture, which we will then forward to those who purchased tickets for that game.

Members MUST bring their own individual LFC Official Membership Cards to the Match in order to gain entry into the stadium. There will be a £10.00 fee payable on matchday to the ticketing windows under the Kop at Anfield to reissue seat details on a paper ticket and this will only be issued on proof of identity (passport or UK ID). If you are subsequently unable to attend a fixture you have purchased tickets for, you can only request a refund up to 14 days prior to the match taking place. Any date closer to the fixture, you will forfeit any monies paid.

If you have any further enquiries, please don’t hesitate to email us Contact LFCNSW


The LFC NSW Committee